Skin Coat Technology & Process

What is the Skin Coat Process?

Skin Coat manufacturing is a state of the art process which uses a main extruder with 2 smaller co-extruders.

The main extruder applies an inner layer of natural compound while the co-extruders alternatively apply an outer layer of colored compound.

This outer layer of Skin Coat color has a thickness that ranges from 0.004 to 0.010 mils depending on wire size and type.

The finished insulation is fused into one distinct form because these two layers of compound are applied simultaneously while the material is in a molten state and under pressure.

The Skin Coat color cannot be removed and will not scrape off or peel off. The physical and electrical properties of this product are no different from conventionally produced PVC insulated wire.

This product and process is recognized and meets all the requirements of UL, CSA and SAE.

We are able to offer lower minimums and better pricing by reducing scrap rates and machine down time by using this method of manufacturing.