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Parallel Bonded GPT Wire - Unified Wire and Cable
Unified Wire and Cable Parallel Bonded GPT Wire
Insulated Wire

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SAE J1128 Type GPT
Bare Copper Stranding PVC Insulation

Part No.
Size Stranding Nominal
819BRIPCD-XX 8/2 Cond 19/21 .214 x .438 500 ft
1019BRIPCD-XX 10/2 Cond 19/23 .173 x .350 1,000 ft
1219BRIPCD-XX 12/2 Cond 19/25 .141 x .283 2,000 ft
1419BRIPCD-XX 14/2 Cond 19/27 .120 x .235 2,500 ft
1619BRIPCD-XX 16/2 Cond 19/29 .104 x .209 5,000 ft
1816BRIPCD-XX 18/2 Cond 16/30 .094 x .190 5,000 ft
Parallel Bonded wire rated 80° C for use on trailer lighting. Also recommended for low voltage applications where economically priced two conductor wire is required.

Also available as 105° C rated marine wire to SAE J378C tinned copper stranding available upon request. Optional PVC jacket thickness may be available, consult factory alternate package sizes available.